According to Home Media Retailing, the Independent Dealers of Entertainment Association (iDEA) is going to be putting out an online "interactive white paper" in which "veteran retailers" will discuss the new high-definition disc formats. The style of the "white paper" will be in the blog format.

The goal is that this "white paper" will help certain dealers cope with the inevitable changes that this new format is going to bring. Also, since there are going to be both the HD and the Blu-ray formats competing, the kind of information this blog would provide could prove to be particularly beneficial to dealers and independent retailers.

"We are reaching out to some specific retailers who were involved in the DVD introduction," iDEA's Adrian Hickman stated.

"The original [DVD] introduction was in a limited market," Hickman continued. "[Suppliers] treaded a little differently; they let it get up to speed. This time, you have two formats coming to market, so the manufacturers of the machines, followed by the suppliers, are trying to make a connection with the consumer to be the winner."