This fall, the cult classic comedy Idiocracy will celebrate its 10th anniversary. While the movie wasn't a big hit in theaters, earning just $444,000 during its brief theatrical run, it went on to become a cult classic, much like director Mike Judge's previous effort, 1999's Office Space. Earlier this year, Idiocracy writer Etan Cohen revealed on Twitter than he "never expected Idiocracy to become a documentary," which actually served as the impetus for a new anti-Donald Trump campaign, reuniting the writer with director Mike Judge and Idiocracy star Terry Crews.

Idiocracy centers on an average man named Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) and a prostitute named Rita (Maya Rudolph) who take part in an Army hibernation experiment. The experiment doesn't exactly go as planned, with Joe and Rita waking up 500 years in the future, where they are the smartest people on the planet. Terry Crews played President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.As Donald Trump's Presidential campaign started picking up steam, Etan Cohen realized there were plenty of similarities between Trump and Camacho. According to a new report from Buzzfeed, Cohen and Judge are now planning to shoot these anti-Trump ads with Terry Crews, after Fox clears the rights with the actor. Here's what Etan Cohen had to say about the similarities between Camacho and Trump.

"(It started as) just a general lizard brain kind of thing: The presidency is all about entertainment value. Then it started to get, as the year went on, weirdly specific. People pointing out things like, 'Oh, Camacho was a wrestler and Trump was a wrestler.' ... It's like, the more things go on, the more it actually seems to be kind of merging in a very specific, eerie way."

Etan Cohen's original tweet from February currently has over 3,900 retweets and 3,600 likes, which surprised the writer because he didn't think anyone would notice it. The tweet created headlines, and even a group lobbying to classify the movie as a documentary. The writer added that they found it hard to satirize Trump because his behavior is already so outrageous, but he felt that this campaign was too important to give up on. Here's what he had to say about the similarities and differences between Trump and Camacho.

"This is what satire is for ... to be able to hold up a mirror and say, 'This is crazy.' Idiocracy was like that, but this all of a sudden felt like a very immediate need for the true meaning of satire and what it can actually do. If you're making Idiocracy 2, and you're trying to write whoever's the heir to Camacho, if you put in Trump, it would be too silly to be in a movie. They both seem to be intent on destroying the world. But maybe Camacho more accidentally? The most dangerous contrast to Trump is that Camacho actually realizes he needs advice from other people, and knows that he's not the smartest guy in the room."

It isn't known when Mike Judge, Etan Cohen and Terry Crews plan on shooting these ads, or when they will debut. While it won't be official until the Republican National Convention this July, Trump is presumed to be the Republican candidate for President. We'll be sure to keep you posted with more on these Idiocracy-themed anti-Trump ads as soon as more information is released.