IFC Entertainment and the Weinstein Co. have bought the rights to the artist documentary, Matthew Barney: No Restraint.

The film features Bjork and about 40,000 pounds of petroleum jelly, notes The Hollywood Reporter. Producer-director Alison Chernick's feature follows Barney and wife Bjork to Japan, chronicling their collaboration on the 2005 art film Drawing Restraint 9. During the six-month project, shot on a whaling vessel near Nagasaki, Barney attempts to create a "narrative sculpture" conveying the story of two land mammals who turn into whales.

Chernick examines the soundscape created by Bjork, the artists' culture clash with local crew members and the method behind the madness of Barney's "Cremaster" films. Fashion designer agnes b. served as executive producer.

Matthew Barney: No Restraint will be released December 20th at New York's IFC Center and on video-on-demand.