Forget Myspace, iTunes seems to be the most popular place on the web. For downloadable content that is.

In a story from Variety, they report that IFC is bringing a slew of films to iTunes.

According to this new deal, IFC will start "launching" on iTunes with 13 titles such as American Gun and Sorry, Haters.

In addition to this "IFC will sell pics for $9.99 only when they are in the DVD library window, because Apple's pricing for new releases conflicts with the wholesale price for DVDs."

Currently, Disney is the only company "selling new DVD releases on iTunes."

IFC has been very proactive with in finding new ways to release movies. They have a "day-and-date label" called First Take "that will release some 24 movies per year simultaneously in theaters, on DVD and on cable TV."

Films that are part of First Take will not "be available on iTunes until they hit the DVD library window."

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