Image Entertainment, a leading licensee and distributor of DVD programming in North America, and an emerging audio distributor, in conjunction with Treadstone Records, an innovative recording label, proudly presents the unique fusion of hard-hitting American rock and the cutting edge of Japanese anime with the April 6 release of the soundtrack from GALERIANS: RION. The raw energy of the rock world merges with the exhilarating sci-fi world of Japanese feature anime in this unprecedented soundtrack. Never before has a Japanese anime film utilized Western music in this manner, nor have so many gold and platinum selling artists lent their talents to such a global entertainment fusion. Featuring 14 explosive tracks from some of industrial and rock's heaviest hitters, such as Slipknot, Fear Factory, The Ataris, Sevendust, Adema and more, the soundtrack is part of a unique DVD package.

"These tracks were selected especially for their resonance with the storyline and the feel of the film," said George Steele, head of Image's Music Group. "The result is a remarkable compilation CD with incredible talent, as well as the next dimension in anime soundtracks."

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Complementing the cutting-edge, fully 3-D computer-generated film, the tracks sizzle as part of a rescored alternate soundtrack on the DVD itself. The CD includes an unreleased remix of Fear Factory's song "Archetype," which also spawned a music video combining stunning anime footage from the film. The music video will be shown on national television outlets and on the website, It will also be available as a bonus feature on Fear Factory's fall 2004 CD release.

In the film GALERIANS: RION, Earth's population has been enslaved by Dorothy, a genocidal computer. Only a viral program developed by her creator can emancipate the human race, and only one of Dorothy's own super-powered Galerians holds the key to unlocking the code and destroying the human who carries it. Rion is dispatched to find his childhood friend, Lilia, daughter of Dorothy's creator. As he uncovers the truth about himself and his origins, he is forced to battle not only the Galerians -- but himself!

"By adding the edgy soundtrack and score to an incredible anime feature, we've merged the freshest of Japanese anime with Western music and created a truly international work," Treadstone president Jonathan Platt said. "It raises the bar on anime soundtracks, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this fusion."

The CD comes with an exclusive, collectible character trading card from the film, as well as an 8-page booklet featuring images from the film and artist and song information.