A jealous ex-boyfriend who couldn't afford to buy movie tickets while he was dating his then-girlfriend 7 years ago, recently bought over $40,000 worth of movie tickets to spite her. The man bought all the tickets for four Imax theaters in China, all playing the latest Transformers movie, reportedly on a day when she was going to the movies. The man's girlfriend dumped him because he was poor and he decided to take a stand for all of the penniless men all over the world by pulling one of the best lover's revenge stunts in recent memory.

Hu Xiaoyun spoke out through Weibo, which is China's version of Twitter to explain the situation and confirms that he was dumped because he had no money. He said, "I was so poor when we were in our fourth year at college in 2007 that I could not afford just two film tickets," which in turn, left him without a girlfriend. His ex told him that he would always be poor, which really inspired him to take control of his life to strive to be successful. And now, he's back to prove that she was wrong, by spending a huge amount of cash out of spite.

Using the online handle Chicken Run 1234 and a profile image as a Na'vi warrior from the 2009 Hollywood blockbuster Avatar, he called on the internet to spread the message, "until she sees it" and promised to reward people who reposted with free movie tickets. His message was shared over 100,000 times and Hu Xiaoyun reportedly kept his promise by sending out free movie tickets for Friday. He even posted evidence that he booked all of the theaters by posting his receipts, totaling 250,000 yuan or $40,000.

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Hu Xiaoyun revealed that after the stunt, his old flame contacted him by phone. Both had put the feud behind them, he indicated, but there was no hope of rekindling their relationship. Like a true romantic, and maybe a bit stalker-ish, Xiaoyun said, "I promised her when we first met that if she left one day, I would make the whole world know I was looking for her." Well, it all worked out in the end for the jilted lover and he was able to prove his ex-girlfriend wrong, but will he be able to earn a new girlfriend with his new-found fame?

Men and women have gone to extreme lengths to get their significant others back, but Hu Xiaoyun definitely earns a top spot in the pantheon of jealous ex-lovers. Hollywood movies have been written about the subject, classic songs have been written, history has been made, and romances rekindled in the process (but not in Mr. Xiaoyun's case). Maybe proving how wealthy you've become isn't the best way to get a woman back after all. You can read more about Mr. Xiaoyun's extremely expensive revenge plot and how it worked out for him via Dynasty Now.

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