A new photo has just arrived from the upcoming medieval epic Immortals, which hits theaters across the country on November 11. Click on this new photo below, which features star Henry Cavill, to access our growing gallery. Read on below the photo for news on when the next trailer will hit also.

Immortals Henry Cavill Photo

The latest trailer for Immortals will arrive in theaters tomorrow, attached to prints of Thor. The trailer should arrive online shortly thereafter, so be sure to stay tuned for this new trailer. Producer Gianni Nunnari recently talked about the comparisons of Immortals to 300.

"We hear a lot of chatter, 'Oh, it looks like 300.' And certainly we invite that because the trailer does say, 'From the producers of 300' But the movie is not 300, it's not intended to be 300, it's not a sequel to 300. This movie is Tarsem Singh's movie. 300 is a child we had another wife and it did very well and hopefully we'll have more children with that woman, but that has nothing to do with this new love story."

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