Ok, so this isn't exactly movie news. But, it's nothing short of tragic.

Chuck Jones, one of the most intelligent, most beloved, and certainly most talented Artists to ever grace us with his work, passed away Friday, February 22nd. He was 89.

Chuck, over the course of a brilliant 60 year career, made over 300 animated films. He won 3 Oscars as a director, and in 1996 was awarded an Honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievment. Chuck gave us Bugs, Daffy, Roadrunner, Wiley Coyote, and the whole Looney Toons crew. He adapted Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, creating an instant classic.

Chuck Jones, you will be sorely missed...

Just this morning, as my 3 year old daughter laughed at an ego-maniacal Daffy Duck trying to convince Porky Pig that he was Robin Hood, I tried not to cry. You continue to touch so many...

May the sounds of our tears turn to the joys of our laughter, and reach you, where ever you are.

There's nothing funny to say today... Kerouac out.