Producer Stephen L'Heureux has acquired the rights to the Top Cow graphic novel In the Dust for a new feature adaptation through his company, Solipsist Films.

George Mahaffey and Christian Duce created the comic book, which centers on a federal agent in the 1930s, who is investigating the bizarre disappearances of entire families during Midwestern dust storms. The agent discovers an army of vampires, who use the Dust Bowl as cover to feed on innocent families. When the vampires move to Chicago, he must team up with former members of Al Capone's gang to save the Windy City. George Mahaffey will write the screenplay adaptation, although a director is not attached yet.

Stephen L'Heureux will produce In the Dust, with Top Cow's Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri executive producing. Top Cow will publish the 165-page graphic novel sometime next year.

No production schedule was given for In the Dust.