Halloween might be over but that hasn't stopped Genius Products from bringing the horror!

In the Spider's Web:

A group of unsuspecting backpackers cross paths with three-time Golden Globe nominee Lance Henrisksen (Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series, Millennium, 1997-1999) in this fall's most frightening creepy-crawler thriller, In the Spider's Web. With its dense jungles, marauding natives, mad scientists, screaming teens, and amassing arachnids, In the Spider's Web is a gleefully entertaining creep fest now available for the first time on DVD November 6, 2007 from Genius Products with a $14.95 SRP.

They're the stuff of legend, nightmares, fascination, and myth. But in hidden jungles across the globe, spiders are something else. They're worshipped. They're controlled. They're waiting to be fed! In the Spider's Web is a thriller that is sure to make your skin crawl and the hairs on the back of your neck rise.

A team of unsuspecting backpackers have descended into the far reaches of India for adventure and exploration. They don't foresee any real peril until Geraldine (Jane Perry) is bitten by a spider. Showing signs of a deadly allergic reaction, she's carried to the local village of Karni Mata, where Dr. Lecorpus (Henrisksen), an American physician, is living. However, Karni Mata is not the haven they were expecting. As they learn of a venomous ritual in which a crawling army of spiders feasts on dead corpses, they unravel Dr. Lecorpus involvement and discover his ultimate plan for them is beyond anything any of them imagined-and it becomes a battle of man-against-man and man-against-nature that few will survive.

Technical Specs:

- Language: English

- Run Time: 94 mins

Blood Monkey:

What begins as a historic revelation about animal instinct becomes a terrifying ordeal when the wilds of Africa turn positively viscous in Blood Monkey, available for the first time on DVD November 20, 2007 from Genius Products. Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham (Best Actor, Amadeus, 1984) leads an all-star cast in a fight for survival against man-eating chimpanzees during an African safari gone horribly wrong. A heart-pounding thriller, Blood Monkey, is priced to own at $14.95 S.R.P.

Six American grad students-Dani (Bomanbehram), Amy (Amy Manson), Greg (Matt Reeves), Sydney (Sebastian Armesto) and Seth (Matt Ryan) have arrived in Africa to study apes with the renowned Professor Hamilton (Abraham), only to discover Hamilton's true plan. He wants to investigate rumors of a remote tribe of killer chimpanzees. After setting up camp in a jungle clearing, and becoming witness to the carnage inflicted by the strange and remote species, the students want out-and fast, regardless of Hamilton's cryptic promises of scientific immortality. But Hamilton isn't about to be swayed. As the yelping chimps close in, and as one by one, the screams of vulnerable students fill the jungle night, the remaining survivors realize that they are pawns in a terrifying game with nature.

Technical Specs:

- MPAA Rating: N/R

- Language: English

- Run Time: 88 Mins