Netflix has revealed the first trailer for In the Tall Grass. This serves as the latest work by Stephen King to get the movie treatment. But this one is a little different, as it's based on a novella that he co-wrote with his son, Joe Hill.

This also shouldn't be viewed as a gimmick, as Joe Hill has asserted himself as a master storyteller in his own right, as the author of works such as NOS4A2 and Locke & Key. Based on this first trailer, King and Hill make for quite the scary pairing.

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The trailer kicks off on what looks to be a rather nice day in the middle of nowhere. A couple pulls off to the side of the road after hearing a boy yell for help because he's lost in, you guessed it, a field of tall grass. After going in after the boy, things get creepy and complicated. A whole group of people is lost in this vast expansion of grass and it's far more than just a field. Inexplicable, seemingly supernatural and evil things begin to occur. It's all rather nightmarish. The whole thing ends with one of them chanting rather hopelessly, "It's just grass."

Vincenzo Natali serves as writer and director of the Netflix adaptation. Natali has previously directed TV shows such as Westworld and Hannibal. On the big screen, he's helmed movies such as Cube, Cypher and Splice. The cast includes Harrison Gilbertson (The Fallen), Laysla De Oliveira (An American Girl: Lea to the Rescue), Avery Whitted (The Vanishing of Sidney Hall), Will Buie Jr. (Bunk'd), Rachel Wilson (Republic of Doyle) and Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring). Steven Hoban, Mark Smith, Jimmy Miller and M. Riley serve as producers. The novella for which the movie is based was originally published in 2012.

In the Tall Grass centers on siblings Becky and Cal who answer the cries of a young boy lost in a vast field of tall grass. The two wander in to save him, only to become lost in the field themselves. They soon find themselves captured by a sinister force that rapidly disorients and separates them from one another. Cut off from the world and without a path to escape the field's tightening grip, the group soon comes to find that the only thing worse than getting lost is being found.

In addition to the trailer, Netflix has released a brand new poster, which we've also included below along with a number of new stills. Stephen King adaptations are amongst the hottest properties in Hollywood right now, thanks to the success of IT and IT Chapter Two. Netflix has previously had luck in this department, with the critically-heralded adaptation of Gerald's Game, as well as 1922. In the Tall Grass is set to premiere at Fantastic Fest, which kicks off this week in Austin, Texas. I will be on hand and will have a review coming, so keep an eye out for that. The movie will launch on Netflix streaming service on October 4. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself.

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