Incandescent, the story of Edison and Tesla's battle over their own systems of electrical current, has found a screenplay writer in Jonathan Feldman. According to Variety, Andrew Meieran's Bureau of Moving Pictures has also hired two other writers for their upcoming slate of projects.

The second film headed into production is an untitled project about the Burke-Hare mass murders in Scotland. Playwright Danny Goldfarb will write the screenplay, which follows the lives of William Burke and William Hare. They were two 19th century serial killers in Edinburgh. They sold their victims to a medical school for dissection.

The third screenplay is being written by Party of Five co-creator Chris Keyser. It will revolve around a group of workers who always chip in to buy lottery tickets every week. The week their numbers come up, the designated buyer forgets to buy the ticket. Chaos ensues.

None of these three films has a set start date at this time.