Not much is known about Christopher Nolan's upcoming directorial follow-up to last summer's mega-hit The Dark Knight. Titled Inception, the trailer is set to be attached to some prints of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds this weekend, which will give us a first-look at the film and what its about. Now, more info comes in via a found call-sheet for the thriller. has posted an image from the call-sheet, which comes courtesy of Clone Web. Inception has been shooting all week in Paris, and while a number of behind the scenes photos have hit the web, character names are something new. While Leonardo DiCaprio's name does not appear on the call-sheet, it is made pretty clear that his character's name is Cobb. Ellen Page is Ariadne, Joseph Gordon Levitt is Arthur, Tom Hardy is Eames, Ken Watanabe is Saito, Dileep Rao is Yusef, Cillian Murphy is Fischer, and Tom Berenger is Browning.

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The call-sheet

The call-sheet also reveals that one scene will see a Parisian Café explosion, which happens during a monologue by Cobb (DiCaprio) explaining the logic of dreams and dreamers. In the scene, Ariadne (Page) "creates her close set world, and they enter it..." For this scene, both DiCaprio and Page require stunt doubles.

Inception is set to explode in IMAX and in traditional theaters on July 16th, 2010.