Inception Blu-rayChristopher Nolan's summer blockbuster Inception hit the Blu-ray and DVD shelves last week and easily topped both sales charts in its first week of release, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Inception knocked last week's winner, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse down to second place in DVD sales, with fellow new release Shrek Forever After finishing in third place on the DVD sales charts. Shrek Forever After did manage to take the top spot on the DVD rental charts, since Paramount is one of the few studios that doesn't impose a 28-day rental window on new releases for both Netflix and Redbox. By comparison, the Warner Bros. release Inception finished 14th place on the rentals charts, although it was the top rental at the brick-and-mortar Blockbuster stores as well as other independent rental outlets. More than 60% of all DVD/Blu-ray rentals are made through either Netflix subscriptions or Redbox kiosks.

In a sign that Blu-ray is moving even closer to mainstream dominance, the Inception Blu-ray scored an easy victory on the BD charts, with an enormous 65% of all sales coming in the 1080p format. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Blu-ray finished in second place on the high-def shelves, but only sold 30% as many BD discs as Inception last week.

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