Kurt Williams, the Visual Effects supervisor behind The Incredible Hulk says that there will be a new alternate opening scene included on the DVD and Blu-ray release of the film. He confirmed to SCI FI Wire that the scene would take place in the arctic - although he did not confirm whether or not it would include the long-rumored cameo from another Marvel superhero.

"It takes place on an arctic shell," Williams said "Banner is desperate. He's on the run, which is in keeping with some of the original themes from not only the comic books but the TV series. We wanted to put him in a stark place where basically he was at the end of the world. At that point, he wanted to try and end his life. The frustration comes when he can't even end his life, because he Hulks out instead."

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Williams further explained that in the bonus feature, they had a lot more F/X work to do than simply creating another opportunity for Edward Norton's Bruce Banner to transform into the Hulk.

"We shot up in Bella Coola, north of Vancouver, just a little bit," Williams said. "We actually went up on the glacier with Edward and shot the majority of the scene there. The rest of it was an environment that we created from photos and other materials that we received from up there. So not only do we have a partial Hulk-out to deal with out there, we also had the entire environment, including falling snow."

"It was a very inhospitable place to shoot," Williams continued. "Oftentimes there'd be a storm coming in, and we would all have to jump into the helicopters and evacuate. That really caused us to create this environment. [We created a] cloud. We had to put the sun in a particular spot, because we couldn't shoot at the right time."

When The Incredible Hulk was originally released, the rumor had it that there was a cameo appearance by Captain America that would happen in that opening sequence. However, when asked about that, Williams was tight-lipped. "I can neither confirm nor deny that," he said.

Incredible Hulk smashes it's way onto DVD shelves everywhere on October 21, 2008.