Roland Emmerich has long been /roland-emmerich-to-make-two-independence-day-sequels/rumored to be making Independence Day 2 and Independence Day 3 back-to-back, with Will Smith set to /independence-day-2-to-feature-will-smith-as-president/return as the President of the United States.

In a new interview, Roland Emmerich revealed that the two sequels are actually farther away than anticipated.

"Independence Day 2 is nowhere. It's back and forth, back and forth. There's no script because I don't want to write anything before anything starts. One day it will happen."
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Roland Emmerich also talked about his long gestating Isaac Asimov adaptation Foundation.

We've hired a production designer and it's mainly now to find out what the movie will cost. It'll take us until the end of March, then we'll decide. The studio's happy with the script, but now's the time that the numbers count. I want to make a movie that's very different from other science-fiction movies and I don't want to have the burden of too big a budget."

The director then talked about his very Roland Emmerich-like William Shakespeare thriller Anonymous.

"Sony was very happy with the results of 2012 and wanted to keep me at the studio. So I said 'Okay, do Anonymous with me.' It's great when you're coming from a big movie and it feels like you reconnect with why you're making movies. The Patriot was a different kind of movie, but similar in a way - I just like to dive into another time. We cover the Essex Rebellion so there is some action in it, but the biggest action is William Shakespeare's plays. We knew from the beginning that they'd be so many attacks on the film, so we said that we'd have to be as authentic as possible. We looked at other films and realized that filmmakers, because of a lack of money or because of the time the films were shot, they'd use what they could get. t was mainly churches, but who lives in a church? So we said, 'Let's not do that - let's be as authentic as possible with the design costumes.' Because of that we didn't use any original locations - we built everything, because there's very little left anyway - and we had to do it for a budget."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange