We've seen big spaceships on screen before. But everything else pales in comparison to what is about to be unleashed in theaters this summer. Director Roland Emmerich is back to helm the long awaited sequel to the 1996 sci-fi classic Independence Day. And from the sounds of it, not even the largest IMAX screen in the world can contain the massive VFX that will be on display in Independence Day: Resurgence.

The first act in Independence Day literally blew people's minds. Things kicked off with huge alien spaceships entering earth's atmosphere. Then they exploded the loving crap out of every major landmark including the White House. It would be nearly impossible for the human race to resurrect all of these grand structures in just twenty years. Independence Day: Resurgence shows they've given it a good try. But it might all be in vein. Says Roland Emmerich about the size of the Aliens' mothership.

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"The Mothership comes to Earth. And it spans the Atlantic Ocean."

The aliens only prove to be much stronger when they return to exact their revenge on the human race. And now, earth's survivors must plan and execute a bigger, badder counterattack. About the genre and tone of this new sequel compared to the original classic, the director says this.

"I always say, it's a post-war world. We call [the first movie] the War of '96. Which we won! But it's also kind of clear that they were going to come back. So we've stayed unified."

Independence Day: Resurgence is said to pull from modern history, and reflects some of the recent turmoil around the globe. Though, this serves as a much more optimistic view of what we've had to endure. The filmmaker explains.

"In these days when our world is so not united, this is a very poignant thing to do in a movie. To show how much we can accomplish."

While it took 20 years to get a sequel, 20th Century Fox is already starting to plan Independence Day 3. Though, with much of Independence Day: Resurgence centering on the return attack by the aliens, it isn't known where this story can possibly go from here. Sure, Independence Day: Resurgence will be bigger and better than the original Independence Day. But how much bigger and better can it go in the near future?