The long-awaited sequel Independence Day 2 is finally be coming to fruition, with actor Jeff Goldblum revealing that his Independence Day character David Levinson has been written into the script, with a draft finally being turned in to the studio.

Here's what the actor had to say about his meetings with filmmakers Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin over the past year.

"I had a meeting and have been talking over the last several months or year with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, the producer, and they've been cooking up and say they have a part for me in what they hope will be a plan to make another one pretty soon."

The actor revealed in February that he was excited for the project and anxious to see what they put together in the screenplay. We also reported earlier in February that original Independence Day star Will Smith passed on the project, and that screenwriter James Vanderbilt was working on two versions of the script, one with Will Smith and one without. Screenwriter Carter Blanchard then came on in May for rewrites, focusing on ways to continue the story without Will Smith's Stephen Hiller.

Jeff Goldblum went on to add that the rewrites may be complete.

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"They're still talking about it and I've heard recent rumblings here and there about it, and 'Oh, there's a scripting coming in' - maybe last weekend there was a script handed in, so it's brewing."

If this script is approved by 20th Century Fox, it isn't known when production may begin on this highly-anticipated sequel.