A number of obstacles currently stand in the way of director Roland Emmerich bringing a third Independence Day movie to life. Some of them even bigger than the world-ending mothership. Following the merger between what was once 20th Century Fox and Disney, a large variety of potential projects have been shuffled around, or even just dropped altogether. Even the future of huge franchises such as Alien and Planet of the Apes have come into question, but these issues won't stop Emmerich from dreaming of that elusive Independence Day 3.

Roland Emmerich was asked recently if there was still a chance that Independence Day 3 could one day explode onto the big screen, and though his answer was filled with uncertainty, he is clearly still very hopeful about one day bringing it to life.

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"I don't know. I really haven't even gotten to it. I had naturally talked with Fox about it, and then when they got bought, I kind of said, 'Well, that's probably [over.]' But I don't know. We'll see, it's kind of like it could happen, it could not happen. Hollywood is like a strange, strange place these days, because I have a feeling Disney would maybe be interested in doing it. They like that kind of franchise movie."

Saying that Disney 'kind of like' franchise movies is an understatement about as astronomical as the global threat his aliens posed, and though he does state that he has not even gotten to the movie yet, it is interesting to know that were discussions had before the buyout. The director sounds somewhat optimistic about the prospect of Independence Day 3, and so he should, as the franchise is still one of the most popular in the distaster-movie genre.

With the second movie, Independence Day: Resurgence, hinting at humanity adventuring into the cosmos to battle the aliens on their own turf, the path for the third movie was made quite clear. Well, if Disney ever does come knocking on Emmerich's door looking for a third Independence Day movie, he already has an idea in mind.

"I have an idea for Independence Day 3, which I actually researched, and was actually only done to do the next one. And the next one is a kind of cool idea, and I would like to do that."

Sadly, with Independence Day: Resurgence not exactly setting the box office alight, it could be some time before we see a third movie. Emmerich has stated previously his sadness at 20th Century Fox disappearing and even believed at that time that any possibility for Independence Day 3 was dead.

"For Independence Day, it's now owned by Disney so I haven't really had time to explore that because I was actually so sad that a studio which I made two movies for all of a sudden disappears. It's just so sad. That's the movies. The movie industry is constantly changing."

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