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Indiana Jones 4: A scooper for Dark Horizons has tipped off some info on Indy 4 that came directly from Harrison Ford's mouth on BBC1's Film 2002. Here's what he had to say:

"As Harrison Ford lays it out, the basic ideas have been agreed upon and both he and Steven Spielberg have formally made space in their production schedules for 2004. They are currently waiting on an outline script, which he said is being worked on by George Lucas and Frank Darabont. For those people worried about how the then-sixty year old Harrison will hold up as an action hero, he did say that this was one of the first issues they discussed and the script and film-making will take that into account. However, he did say that he very definitely wanted to be the one looking in the camera during every action scenes, so that the audience would still feel their connection to the character."

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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle: An official site for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle has gone online. All the site contains at the moment is logo for the new film. To check it out, CLICK HERE

In addition, we've been invited to attend a screening of the teaser trailer this Friday where we will get a chance to ask the director a few questions. If you can think of anything interesting we should say, let us know!

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets: Tons of new photos are now online at The Leaky Cauldron from the latest installment of the Harry Potter series! CLICK HERE

The Fantastic Four:Latino Review is confirming that Chris Columbus' next project will be to produce an adaptation of the famed comic, The Fantastic Four!

X-Men 2:Cinema Confidential has posted a story of the possibility of an X-Men spin-off movie starring everyone's favorite mutant, Wolverine!

"While I was speaking to a Fox Studios representative, I asked a question regarding a possible X-Men 3 and 4. He told me that the principal cast have only signed to a two picture deal and that a third and/or fourth X-Men film would have an astronomical budget. With that said he then went on to say there will be a really good chance that a spin-off franchise will spawn from this “X-Men” craziness. The subject of the spin-off franchise will be none other than Wolverine himself."

In addition to coverage on X-Men 2 every got this weekend, Ian McKellen talked X-Men, Spider-man and Superman with Cinescape. CLICK HERE

Jersey Girl:Ananova has some news on Will Smith playing himself in the new Kevin Smith flick, Jersey Girl. CLICK HERE

Die Another Day: Even more pics from the new James Bond movie are online...CLICK HERE

The Godfather:Variety is reporting that a new chapter in the Godfather series might be in the works. CHUD has a great article on the's some of what the filmmakers are claiming:

"We hope Paramount or some other studio will want to buy the movie rights, and it is our intention to see that happen," said Karp. "These characters just keep pulling you back in," Karp said. "There is enormous continuing interest in the Corleone family, and a great opportunity to tell a story that could take place before, during or after the original book. Mario once told me he wished he had done more with Sonny Corleone's character, and there was certainly more opportunity to explore the singer Johnny Fontaine. And Michael Corleone did make an appearance at the beginning and end of 'The Sicilian,' because he had a relationship with the freedom fighter."

CLICK HERE for CHUD's full run down of the situation.

Rush Hour 3: Garth at Dark Horizons continues with his Brett Ratner coverage today by posting some news on Rush Hour 3:

"In order to do Superman I closed my deal on RH3...I know both Jackie & Chris want to do it very badly. I might direct it...I created it, I love it, its like the most fun you can ever imagine".

Red Dragon: In addition, Garth talked to Ratner about the eventual release of Red Dragon on DVD. Here's what he had to say:

Seems that a lot of material was cut, and when asked if he was pained about losing any material he said "You know, I kind of let go of that stuff because so many people have DVDs now - I know the scene is going to exist on another format and that people are going to get to see it, so I kind of let go of it. If DVD didn't exist I may have made the movie longer and kept some of the stuff I cut". There is no outtake reel to be included sadly.

Thanks to Garth at Dark Horizons.

Superman: In addition to the Brett Ratner interview at Dark Horizons, Moviehole scored an interview with Ratner where he spoke freely about the Superman script that was floating around online a few months back:

Q. So how far along is “Superman” anyway?

A. The scripts almost there. I’m just casting, crewing up, getting it together.

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Q. What’s your take on the script that was floating around the net?
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A. Oh god. Yeah, that wasn’t even a draft. It was ridiculous. Some old script – someone with too much time on his or her hands. I mean I agree with some stuff, I mean some of it spilt over into my script, but Lex Luthor is NOT going to be an Alien and we ARE blowing up Krypton. It keeps the law that people know but it goes a step further. I can do the fuck I want. I mean I have DC Comics and all the creators of the cartoon behind me. Some people aren’t going to like it, that’s inevitable. Thing is, I know it’ll be a boring movie If I just remake Dick Donner’s film, because it’s already done. I mean I haven’t changed it much at all – I just added some new shit, so how can anyone be mad at me. And we’re talking about the trilogy – it’s full on. Conference calls with the studio and Jon Peters and…

Gladiator 2: According to IGN's Filmforce, Gladiator 2 may be set in the age of emperor Septimius Severus (AD 145 - AD 211). For details on this incredibly bad idea, CLICK HERE

Ehren Kruger: Ehren Kruger, writer of The Ring, has just signed a two-picture deal with Universal for 2 new thrillers. First up, Skeleton Key a gothic piece set in New Orleans. The second, a new adaptation of Peter Straub and Stephen King's The Talisman, which Steven Spielberg and Mick Garris have been attached to for years.

Madonna: According to Uk's The Sun, Madonna is preparing a comedy based on her own life story:

"I have started writing my own thing, which I would like to direct. It’s about a girl who’s incredibly famous and all the insanity of her life. She lives in Hollywood and is well known but she’s not well respected. It’s about the absurdity of fame, the absurdity of people having preconceived notions about celebrities. It’s based on a lot of characters and people that I know. I think it’s hysterically funny".

Stay tuned...Star Wars magic is coming...~Brian