It has been confirmed by the creators themselves...there will be an Indiana Jones 4 and Kate Capshaw will be in it!?!?! Interesting...

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Anyway, check out what Spielberg, Ford, and Capshaw had to say when Roger Friedman of Fox News, ran into them at the Golden Globes:

So what's the story, I wanted to know — with this trio finally in one place, and relaxed enough to talk, will we ever see Indiana Jones 4?

"Yes," they all said, and confirmed that once Spielberg films Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, IJ4 will be his priority.

"We have a title, but we're not ready to announce it," Spielberg said. "I will give you one clue, though. Kate is in it." I asked if he meant that Capshaw's character would appear via flashbacks, and he replied: "No. She'll be in the present." AP

Steven Spielberg.

Ford, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award, said he's ready to take on this last chapter. "It was always about getting the right script, and now we have it," he said.

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