Do you want to know a little bit about the next Indiana Jones movie? Are you dying to hear what's happened to the archeologist since we last saw him? Well, look no further than the New Haven Independant. They have a detailed set report of what is being shot on the Yale Campus.

Location scouts for the sequel had to give the city council a detailed rundown of what they wanted to shoot in New Haven. According to the report, we will see Indiana Jones being pursued by black sedans across the Yale campus. In the midst of the chase, as he crosses the athletic field, he catches a football. Sounds like Jar Jar Binks shenanigans to me.

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To read the entire report for yourself, you can CLICK HERE. Trust me, it's not going to ruin the film. It just gives us a tiny flavor of what to expect. It's sort of like a piece of cheese on a toothpick, being handed out at Costco.

Indiana Jones 4 opens May 22nd, 2008.