Indiana Jones 5 has been delayed again. Disney and Lucasfilm have been actively working on the project for a couple of years now with Steven Spielberg set to return to the director's chair, with Harrison Ford coming back for one last go as the iconic action hero. Unfortunately, a couple of recent developments have delayed the production of the sequel for at least a few months, but it could be for as much as a year, according to a new report. One has to wonder, is this movie in trouble at this point?

We've been hearing reports that Steven Spielberg is weighing several projects and it looks like he's moving ahead with his West Side Story remake next, which he is currently in pre-production on. He's also looking to finally film The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, a historical drama that he's had in the works for a very long time that has Mark Rylance attached to star, one of his favorite collaborators in recent years. That, coupled with the fact that David Koepp's draft of the screenplay for Indiana Jones 5 is set to be rewritten by Jonathan Kasdan (Solo) makes the April 2019 production start, which was previously announced by Spielberg, not a possibility.

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This means Disney and Lucasfilm will have to bump the sequel from its current July 10, 2020 release date. The project was given that date last April after being bumped from its original July 19, 2019 release date. It sounds like we could be looking at a summer 2021 release for Indiana Jones 5 at this point. Then again, Lucasfilm has yet to announce a Star Wars movie for 2020. Maybe Disney will decide to make the next Indiana Jones movie a December 2020 release instead? That's pure speculation, but that seems like the absolute earliest we could expect it, given the new delay.

One of the biggest problems with this delay, and something that isn't particularly easy or pleasant to talk about, is that Harrison Ford simply isn't getting any younger. The actor is 75-years-old right now. It was admirable how well he did with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a decade ago, but even then it was clear he was getting near the end of his rope, or whip in this case, when it comes to making this kind of movie. Not to mention that, as tough as this may be to think about, Ford won't be with us forever. With each passing delay of this movie, the less likely it becomes he will actually return.

The Indiana Jones franchise will continue without him, possibly even with a female lead, in the future. But Harrison Ford deserves one last shot at redemption after Crystal Skull. This new report does note that both Spielberg and Ford are committed to the project. As for the new screenplay, Jonathan Kasdan, whose father Lawrence Kasdan penned the script for Raiders of the Lost Ark, will step in to get the story where it needs to be while we wait for word from Disney on a new release date. This news comes to us courtesy of Variety.