The Indiana Jones 5 story is finished, but details are being kept under tight lock and key until further drafts of the screenplay can be hammered out and perfected. We know for certain that Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Dr. Henry Jones Jr. We also know that there is no way the franchise is bringing back Shia LaBeouf and his character Mutt Williams. But one lingering question does remain. Will we see the return of Marion Ravenwood, played by the ravishing Karen Allen?

It makes sense that we'd see her in some capacity. She first debuted in Raiders of the Lost Ark way back in 1981. And no other female character in the franchise has ever been able to carry the same kind of torch. Ravenwood did turn back up in the last installment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She didn't just put in a cameo, though, She was along for the entire ride, and ended up marrying her longtime love Indy at the end of the movie. So of course she shows up in this next sequel, right? Here's what Karen Allen had to say for herself while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter.

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"It's a complete mystery to me as to whether or not Marion is even a part of this next one."

Screenwriter David Koepp and director Steven Spielberg know the answer. But they're not sharing that information with the actress just yet. In the recent interview, Karen Allen decided to stand up for Shia LaBeouf, who has been dissed quite a bit in the press, especially when it comes to his Indiana Jones movie. The character of Mutt Williams, son of Indiana and Marion, was not well received to say the least. And Allen was a little surprised that Mutt wouldn't be making his return in the next installment.

"Initially I felt sad because we had a blast working with Shia on Crystal Skull. He had just turned 21, and I adored him. He was just the most lovely, hardworking, emotionally vulnerable person. At the time, we had no idea if there would be another [movie] but there was that beautiful little wink at the end where he starts to take the hat and Indy comes and takes it away from him. Reading that [article] put an end to that as a possibility. I mean, there was no indication as to why that was true - whether he doesn't want to do it or they just made the decision in terms of where they're going with the story, and it's a complete mystery to me as to whether or not Marion is even a part of this next one. But I'm sorry that he won't be a part of it. I guess [Indiana and Marion] sent him off to school after all!

Karen Allen goes onto talk about the Jones and Ravenwood marriage that ended the last movie on a happy note. She loves that ending for the characters. Perhaps there doesn't need to be a part 5 where Marion is concerned. She explains.

"Well, when I read the script, I was in tears. I was very moved. These are fictional characters, but I made a very deep identification with Marion. I felt as though I made a decision when I was working on Raiders of the Lost Ark that when they first met, it's only referred to when I punch him in the face, she really deeply loved him. It was a little hard to gauge where Indy was, since he's a man of secrets. But the fact that they brought us back together in Crystal Skull, and that we had a child, and that he never stopped loving her and she never stopped loving him, I just found that way touching and exciting. I was very, very thrilled because that was what I had always imagined.

Karen Allen was then asked what she hopes long-time fans have learned about Marion from the first and last movie, and how that may be carried into the future. She had this to say.

"She's strong and resourceful and stands on her own two feet. I just love her. There's an honesty to her, she is who she is, and she doesn't hold much back. And she has a "can do" quality, like "I'm gonna be your goddamn partner" kind of aspect. It resonates out into the world - over the years, I've talked to a lot of young women who felt very encouraged by her to be strong and to be themselves. As women representing ourselves in any art form, that's a lovely message: I'm playing on an even playing field, and I feel as capable as men feel in this world. I've been so honored to play her."

Marion Ravenwood was a tough chick who could drink anyone under the table. Perhaps not a girly girl, she also knew how to embrace romance and adventure, and anyone who was around in 1981 remembers falling in lover with Ms. Ravenwood. It's safe to say that most longtime fans would be grateful to spend a few more hours with she and the real Indy before they float off into the cinematic dustbin forever. Indiana Jones 5 will be in theaters summer 2019.