With a number of public-shot photos emerging from the set of Indiana Jones 5, a new video has been released by North Yorkshire Moor Railways which shows some of the best footage yet from recent days of filming, and as expected there is a heavy Nazi presence in the footage. The fifth installment of the franchise has been a long time coming for fans, and is also the first Indiana Jones movie to not be helmed by Steven Spielberg, with Logan director James Mangold in the chair.

Indiana Jones 5 is one of several to be recently filming in the North East of England, with Mission Impossible 7 and Dungeons & Dragons also using the location for parts of their shoots. Filming has only been underway a week, but we have seen many on set images popping up on social media. Ford has also been photographed out in the nearby city of Newcastle, cycling on the city's historic quayside and chatting with locals while sampling fish and chips from a local restaurant. It has certainly been a boost for the area.

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With many locals trying their hardest to capture images around the highly secretive set, the new footage released by NYMR from their cameras covering the area is unique for one reason; its clarity. While many of the images so far have been grainy and blurred, coming from the company's own monitoring cameras, the videos are rich in detail, and give us a better look at some of the set pieces, especially the locomotive with the Nazi logo emblazoned on the cars and engine.

The Nazi's have been adversaries of Indy in his various quests since his first appearance in Raiders of the Lost Ark. With the early movies being set in the late 1930s, the Nazi involvement in the franchise continued in The Last Crusade, when Indy raced against them to discover the Holy Grail. It is fair to say that neither of these face-offs ended well for them, whether being ripped apart by the Ark of the Covenant or reduced to dust by the Grail. However, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull replaced the Nazis for Soviet agents and moved the film's timeline to the mid-fifties, mainly to explain the character's aging. So the question is, how are the Nazi's back in Indy 5?

There have been rumors that the film could be using a sequence that was originally meant to be used in one of the earlier movies, involving a haunted Scottish castle. Having been filming in and around Bamburgh Castle near the railway, that could well be true. With recent advancements in de-aging technology, there is nothing to say that this won't be used to return Ford to his Last Crusade age, therefore bringing the involvement of the Nazi's very much back into the timeline.

Indiana Jones fans have been longing to see Indy sparring with the Nazi's one more time before hanging up his hat, and it looks like they are about to get their wish. With the old Indy movies all beginning with some kind of action set piece, the scenes currently being shot would fit into that very well. Only time will tell how much of this turns out to be true, but we will be seeing much more footage and teasers before the movie arrives in theaters next year.