The first indication that a movie might suck is when there is no script, yet they're moving forward anyway. It means they really don't have a story to tell and they'll be pulling it out of the ether. Indiana Jones 5 is currently sitting without a treasure for Henry Jones Jr. to find, which, looking at it the wrong way, could spell trouble. Especially since the script is coming from the writer of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the least liked sequel in the franchise.

That doesn't mean Indiana Jones 5 will be garbage. But there's always the fear that well enough should be left alone. Especially if there is no story to tell. At this current stage in the game, Harrison Ford is confirmed to reprise his role as the famed archeologist. And Steven Spielberg will return to direct his fifth movie in the series. He's directed every big screen movie featuring the title character. And the movie is hitting theaters the summer of 2019.

That gives the team behind this upcoming adventure one year to come up with an enthralling adventure for Indiana Jones, and another year to shoot it. This time out, they will not have George Lucas at their disposal, as he is not returning after Disney acquired the property through the purchase of LucasFilm earlier in the decade. George Lucas is responsible for coming up with the McGuffin (or rather treasure) that Indiana Jones is hunting in each of the movies. This time out, screenwriter David Koepp will be tasked with figuring out this plot device on his own.

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The fact that there is no story or script for Indiana Jones 5 comes from Producer Frank Marshall, in a recent interview with Moviefone. He has this to say on the process behind the machine that will churn out what will probably be Harrison Ford's last Indiana Jones movie.

"[We're] Just [in] the early stages. David Koepp is our screenwriter and we're all talking, but there's really nothing down on paper yet."

The producer goes onto say why he's excited to be working on yet another Indiana Jones movie. And it certainly is not the story they are telling. He goes onto say this.

"Again, it's just the team. It's a wonderful team like we had on Bourne. It's nice to have your friends that you've known. Look, I've known Harrison [Ford] and obviously Steven {Spielberg] and the whole group for 30 years now. So it's nice to have everybody back together as kind of a reunion."

Finally, the subject of Harrison Ford's age came up in the discussion. The actor will be pushing 80 when he pulls back on that iconic leather coat and slips that legendary hat back on his head. Most 80 year old men are not running around the jungle looking for buried treasure. Frank Marshall isn't worried though. He points to The Force Awakens as an indication that Ford still has it together. He believes that the stunts and action required of Ford will be no problem this late in the game.

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B. Alan Orange