Update: The original source story has since changed Harrison Ford's quote to reflect that the production will actually start next year, not next week. There was some confusion, and while Ford may have stated that shooting was starting soon, that turned out not to be the case, as reflected in the original story. So Ford will be back on set in 2020 for a 2021 release date if all continues to go as planned.

Harrison Ford claims Indiana Jones 5 is set to begin production next week. The veteran actor appeared at the world premiere for The Secret Life of Pets 2, which features his first-ever role in an animated movie, and stated that he's preparing to put on the fedora again. But, is Ford being serious about all of this? Ford has been having a bit of fun with the press over the past few weeks, but stranger things have happened.

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When asked about Indiana Jones 5 on the red carpet over the weekend, Harrison Ford said things are "coming along well," for the sequel, which is quite different from the latest news. It was recently reported that the sequel is going back for another set of rewrites with This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman taking over for Jonathan Kasdan. However, Ford claims Indiana Jones 5 "should be starting to shoot sometime next week." Whether he means this week or next week is unclear, but it sounds more than a little fishy.

Harrison Ford is more than likely already sick of talking about Indiana Jones 5, which may have led him to have a bit of fun on the red carpet. He was recently asked on a morning show who he'd like to see take over the iconic role when he's finished and he said, "Nobody is going to be Indiana Jones. Don't you get it? I'm Indiana Jones. When I'm gone, he's gone. It's easy!" Ford may have been kidding around then too, but we're still unsure. He is still rocking a rather large white beard, which would provide a pretty different look for Dr. Jones.

As far as Indiana Jones 5 starting production next week, or this week, or even next month, Steven Spielberg is set to begin work on West Side Story this summer. The long-awaited project has already been cast and is ready to go, which means Spielberg is either going to be really busy this summer or that Harrison Ford is having a bit of fun. With that being said, for someone who isn't a big fan of doing interviews, he might have just opened up a set of questions he'll be asked for the months to come, inadvertently throwing more attention towards the sequel.

Steven Spielberg has been known to put out some projects pretty close to each other and West Side Story and Indiana Jones 5 will be out 7 months apart. But production starting this soon on an Indiana Jones movie seems highly unlikely, especially since we just heard news of a rewrite and have yet to hear anything about potential casting. When the movie is getting ready to begin shooting, we'll know, unless Spielberg and Harrison Ford are working on some secret project that the actor just spoiled for everybody. We'll just have to wait and see. The interview with Harrison Ford was originally conducted by Variety.