While Disney and LucasFilm are keeping plenty busy with their massive Star Wars franchise, plans are also in the works for Indiana Jones 5, which will start production at some point in 2019. This falls in line with a report from last week, which revealed that both this Indiana Jones sequel and West Side Story are director Steven Spielberg's next films. A new report claims the filmmaker will begin production on Indy 5 next year, and then move directly into West Side Story, though it isn't clear if that second project will also be shot in 2019, or if it will be held until 2020.

We haven't heard much on Indiana Jones 5 over the past year, although Disney did hand out a July 10, 2020 release date for this adventure last April. And they are apparently standing by that date. Producer Frank Marshall revealed back in December 2016 that the sequel didn't have a script yet, but it has been confirmed that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull writer David Koepp had been tasked with writing the sequel. We later learned in September 2017 that a script had been completed, but it isn't known if revisions are under way. What's interesting is, even though Spielberg will tackle West Side Story after Indiana Jones 5, new casting calls for the musical have already been sent out, and it remains to be seen if casting has even begun on Indiana Jones 5 yet.

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There has been speculation that Karen Allen may not be back as Marion Ravenwood in Indiana Jones 5, after the actress revealed in an April 2017 interview that, "it's a complete mystery to me as to whether or not Marion is even a part of this next one." Since Marion and Indy (Harrison Ford) finally got married at the end of the last Indy movie, 2008's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it seems likely that Marion Ravenwood would, at the very least, have a small role to show how they've have come along as husband and wife. There has also been confirmation that another divisive character will not return.

The report from last September that revealed the Indiana Jones 5 script is done, also confirmed that Shia LaBeouf's Mutt Williams will not be a part of the story. That isn't exactly surprising, given the fan reaction to this character in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which hit theaters just a year after Shia LaBeouf's breakthrough role in Transformers, which Steven Spielberg also produced, along with directing and producing Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It has been confirmed that John Williams will provide the score for Indiana Jones 5.

What's interesting about Indiana Jones 5 is confirmation from October 2016 that George Lucas isn't returning for this sequel. George Lucas has received story credit on all four of the previous Indiana Jones movies, but that won't happen this time. Disney didn't originally have the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise when it purchased LucasFilm, but it obtained the rights from Paramount back in 2013, just over a year after it paid a whopping $4 billion to acquire LucasFilm in 2012. Head on over to The Hollywood Reporter for more on Indiana Jones 5.