The Indiana Jones 5 script is reportedly getting a rewrite by This is Us creator Dan Fogelman. There hasn't been a whole lot of information about the long awaited sequel in quite some time. One of the last major updates was late last year when it was revealed that George Lucas will not have any involvement, which really wasn't a huge update since many had figured that out anyway. But, this latest update could spell trouble for things when all is said and done.

Last summer, Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jonathan Kasdan was brought on to write Indiana Jones 5, and it was given a new release date of July 2021. Now, it appears Dan Fogelman is in charge of taking on the sequel. A reason was not given, but it may have something to do with the announcement of the Willow Disney+ series, which Kasdan will reportedly be taking charge on. So, he may not have had enough time to work on both projects, which both have the potential to be huge and take up a massive amount of time.

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As for whether or not Jonathan Kasdan's story will be used or if Dan Fogelman will be starting from scratch? Since some much time has gone by, Fogelman will more than likely be starting all over again. It has been rumored that Kasdan's story involved a missing Nazi train full of gold, but that has not been officially confirmed. This also means the release date will probably get pushed back, yet again, though that has not been confirmed either.

Making matters even more complicated is Harrison Ford's age. He isn't getting any younger, so time is a bit of an issue. With that being said, it remains doubtful Ford would even star in the entirety of the movie. Lucasfilm is still working on getting Indiana Jones 5 going, but it's beginning to look a bit grim after burning through writers to get the right script ready. Regardless, hopefully this new bit of news on the writing front triggers an official announcement of some sort so we're not all left hanging wondering where the franchise is going to go next.

Harrison Ford reportedly shot a cameo for another upcoming Lucasfilm project. It has been heavily rumored that the actor is going to have a tiny cameo in The Rise of Skywalker as Han Solo. While we haven't received confirmation, it would be great to see him as the iconic character for the final time, and the same can be said for Indiana Jones 5. Even though he's 76-years old, Ford can more than likely kick more ass than dudes half his age, so bring on a full starring role as Dr. Jones for the actor and let's get it going soon. This news comes to us from Making Star Wars.