Despite not thought to be on set as of yet, anyone stumbling about the UK's North Yorkshire Moors would be mistaken for thinking they had spotted Harrison Ford on a motorcycle. In a series of behind the scenes shots, we gained a first glimpse at the filming of Indiana Jones 5, which took place late Saturday night and involved a stuntman wearing a rather creepy Harrison Ford mask. Surrounded by lights, cameras and crew, onlookers reported overhearing some crew members mention that shooting is already a day behind schedule, despite only kicking off a few days ago.

The night shoot took place in the early hours of the morning, and didn't appear to quite go to plan. At one point the stuntman tumbled off the bike and theHarrison Ford mask was seen flying off during the incident. A crew member was seen going to retrieve it, while filming was halted to repair some damage to the motorbike. The stuntman, as tends to be the case, was unhurt and able to continue on with the rest of the shoot.

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The images released included shots of the stuntman holding the mask in between takes, and also some shots of him astride the motorbike wearing it. While the appearance of Ford is clear to see, there is something about its waxy look that also puts one in mind of the William Shatner mask used in the Halloween movies. However, I'm sure the magic of cinema will make everyone believe that 78 year old Ford was out in the middle of the night bombing along on a bike either chasing or being chased by Nazis.

In addition to the night-shoot, images have also revealed a stretch of the Moors railway, which has been transformed for use in the movie too. The same stretch of track was previously used for action sequences just a few weeks ago by Tom Cruise who was there for the latest Mission Impossible 7 shoots. Crew members for Indy 5 were seen on Friday working near a black Nazi steam train prop, as well as a number of vintage cars which will also be used in the upcoming days of shooting. The steam engine was branded with a very recognizable swastika emblem, and a number of props were loaded into the open top of the carriages to give the impression of goods being transported in them.

One interesting prop item seen among the various vehicles on set, was a motorcycle and sidecar which was a similar bike to the one seen in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. We know that many movies like to include items or moments that give long term fans a nostalgia trip back to previous installments, and while its inclusion does have its own significance in the new movie, it will raise a smile among older Indy franchise followers.

While not apparent on set, Ford has been reportedly seen in the UK, being spotted near the legendary Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire as he prepares to film his last outing as the archaeological adventurer. While plot details are still a tightly guarded secret, we can expect to many more behind the scenes glimpses of filming before we see any official footage in the form of a trailer. With the movie not scheduled for release until July 2022, it is going to be a long wait to see whether Ford can pull off one more run as one of cinema's most iconic creations.