Uh-oh! Some of you are really not going to like this. David Koepp has been confirmed as the screenwriter for the recently announced Indiana Jones 5. He is a longtime Steven Spielberg collaborator. And while many enjoyed his work on the Jurassic Park script, he's also the man responsible for what most fans consider the worst movie in the Indiana Jones franchise, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which hit theaters in 2008.

Disney and Lucasfilm announced Indiana Jones 5 earlier this week. The latest sequel will once again reunite star Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg. Other movies that David Koepp has written for Steven Spielberg include The Lost World: Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds.

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It should be noted that David Koepp is not the sole writer on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So he's not entirely to blame. He cobbled the screenplay together from previous drafts worked on by George Lucas, Jeff Nathanson and an uncredited Frank Darabont. At this time, all plot details are being kept firmly under wraps. It is unclear if he will be working off someone else's preexisting draft, as he did on Indiana Jones 4.

Indiana Jones co-creator George Lucas came up with the story for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, just as he did for Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom in 1984 and Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade in 1989. It isn't known if he is at all involved with Indiana Jones 5. The Star Wars creator has been responsible for inventing/introducing the MacGuffin (aka The Treasure) Indy goes in search of in every movie. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull received several drafts from Jeff Nathanson before it was passed to David Koepp.

It also isn't clear if this story will address Harrison Ford's age. He will be 77 years-old by the time Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters July 19, 2019. There is speculation that the movie will actually introduce a new, younger Indiana Jones in flashback sequences, with Harrison Ford's older Indy bookending the movie. That has not been confirmed or denied by LucasFilm nor Disney, and there have been rumors that Chris Pratt is replacing Harrison Ford. Having the two actors in the same movie might be a bit jarring, though.

David Koepp hasn't worked exclusively with Steven Spielberg. He also penned the original 2002 Spider-Man and the first Mission: Impossible in 1996, which is still moving as a franchise with its original lead star Tom Cruise. More recently, he wrote Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which was a huge box office bomb and killed the franchise, at least for the time being. His next project is Ron Howard's Inferno, the third movie in the The Da Vinci Code series starring Tom Hanks. So, what do you think? Is David Koepp's participation the best or worst news yet for Indiana Jones 5?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange