Ever wondered what it might look like if Indiana Jones crossed over with Hellraiser? In the unlikely event that you've answered "yes" to this question, someone has decided to show us exactly what that could look like. Even though this is only likely to happen in an alternate universe, it looks rather epic and, perhaps most surprisingly, quite fitting.

The trailer, cooked up by Deformed Lunchbox, gives us a look at Indiana Jones 5, or perhaps an alternate sequel in the timeline, that sees Harrison Ford's famed treasure hunter coming across a puzzle box that will look familiar to fans of the Hellraiser franchise. Unfortunately for Dr. Jones, this particular item unleashes an evil upon the Earth the likes of which he's never come across. The creator of this crossover also crafted a convincing synopsis for what he's titled Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Hellraiser, which reads as follows.

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"Dr. Indiana Jones is back! This time, he has been commissioned by a strange agency to find an ancient puzzle box said to contain the mysterious power of Hellraiser. When Indy finds the box and unlocks its evil secret, he accidentally unleashes Pinhead and the Cenobites among earth. The Cenobites kill millions, including all of Indiana Jones' family and friends back home in Princeton, New Jersey.

Pinhead raises all of the damned souls of people Indy has killed over the years, and sends them to torment him! Indiana Jones nearly goes insane. Can he keep it together and destroy the Cenobites? Or will Hell's wrath overtake the world? Can Indy undo the destruction and chaos from hell? Will humanity prevail?! Watch the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Curse of Hellraiser to find out!"

As for the trailer itself, it's crafted using footage from both franchises and edited together rather impressively. Using some clever tricks in the editing room, it almost looks like this could be real. Almost. They even managed to make use of footage from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The big thing here is that the violence is turned up to 11, which is quite unlike the Indiana Jones franchise which has, over the years, included some horrific moments. But nothing quite so gory as we see when Pinhead enters the ring.

Right now both of these franchises are trying to get back on track. Indiana Jones 5 is gearing up for production with Harrison Ford still returning, but Seven Spielberg recently left the director's chair. Meanwhile, both a Hellraiser TV show and movie reboot are in the works at various stages of the development process. David S. Goyer (Man of Steel) is penning the new movie, with Roy Lee and Dan Farah producing the TV show.

Both of these franchises surely have gas left in the tank. Both are beloved and have stood the test of time. Is there enough crossover with the audiences to justify a movie like this? Probably not, but one can dream. Be sure to check out the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Hellraiser from the Deformed Lunchbox YouTube channel for yourself.