pointed us in the direction of Dennis Bruhn's homepage. The guy is an avid Indiana Jones toy collector, and he claims that a couple of Lego boxes have given away some of the film's secrets.

Just like those "Meet" books (Meet Indy, Meet Mutt) over on Amazon that popped up last week. They were pulled off that site quite quickly because they gave away the entire film. These Lego boxes are a little bit more user friendly with their spoilers. But still, if you are trying to stay fresh, don't read on...

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Apparently, Indy will be fighting giant fire ants in the film. Huh? Yeah, and aliens (which we already told you are direct descendants of the Close Encounter aliens). Anyway, here are the backs of the Lego boxes translated into English:


While Indy tries to handle the giant ants, Irina Spalko and Mutt start to duel with their swords. Mutt barely dodges Irina's blade, which cuts the table in two.


On their adventurous getaway from their opponents, Indy and Marion abscond in an amphibious vehicle.


Indiana Jones and Mutt are stuck in their needy hideout. They're hiding from the soldiers' jungle cutter which cuts its way uncompromisingly. Fortunately Indy has his Bazooka!

LEGO INDIANA JONES: Temple of Akator

Indiana Jones and Mutt are on the climax of their adventure. They have to solve the secret of the lost Temple of Akator before it falls into the hands of the dangerous Irina Spalko. But at first they have to resolve the countless perfidies of the ancient temple.

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