Just six years ago, Chris Pratt was best known as the bumbling Andy on NBC's Parks and Recreation, but now he's a bona fide box office star, after headlining blockbusters The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy. While he has a number of projects he's currently preparing for, most notably MGM's The Magnificent Seven remake that starts shooting this summer, Chris Pratt has also been rumored for a number of high-profile projects, such as Indiana Jones 5 and Ghostbusters. While promoting his new action-adventure Jurassic World, the actor revealed that there is no truth to either rumor.

He did add that someone "high up at Disney" mentioned to him that the studio had acquired the Indiana Jones franchise rights, but the actor commented that his "action-adventure card was fairly full," since he will likely be making sequels to Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy in the near future. The actor added that he had just returned from a four-day hunt in Texas when the Indiana Jones news broke. Here's what he had to say below.

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"And so I came home, and then there was paparazzi asking me about it and people asking me to sign Indiana Jones pictures and Indiana Jones hats."

The actor added that he has spent time with Indiana Jones producer Steven Spielberg since the news broke, but he never mentioned anything to the actor.

"I just didn't bring it up and he didn't bring it up, so I don't know."

The actor is attached to return as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but he added that he is actually contracted to return for two sequels plus another "couple" of unspecified movies, which could be either spinoffs or other Marvel movies where Star-Lord appears.

"I'm tied to doing three more, or five more, Guardians of the Galaxy or whatever it is, you know, two more Guardians plus another couple..."

As for the rumors that he will team up with Channing Tatum for Ghostbusters 4, Chris Pratt adds that no one has ever talked to him about that project, adding that a rumored Knight Rider project is also "bulls--t."

"No one has ever even spoken to me about that. Never. I've even seen Channing a couple times. As far as I know, that's complete bullshit. Knight Rider - bullshit. All of them."

Aside from The Magnificent Seven and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Chris Pratt is also attached to star in Cowboy Ninja Viking, The Real McCoy and Passengers. Should the actor sign on for Indiana Jones 5 and Ghostbusters? Chime in with your thoughts below.