Back in January, a rumor surfaced that Disney was eyeing Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World star Chris Pratt to replace Harrison Ford as the iconic adventurer Indiana Jones. The actor himself shot down these reports, saying he has never been officially approached to play Indiana Jones. And we still haven't heard anything about Indiana Jones 5 moving forward quite yet. During a new interview with Screen Daily, Steven Spielberg put the rumors to rest for good, saying there will only be one Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford.

"I don't think anyone could replace Harrison as Indy, I don't think that's ever going to happen. It's certainly not my intention to ever have another actor step into his shoes in the way there have been many actors that have played Spider-Man or Batman. There is only going to be one actor playing Indiana Jones and that's Harrison Ford."
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It's worth noting that Harrison Ford isn't actually the only actor to portray Indiana Jones. River Phoenix portrayed a young Indy in 1989's Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade and Sean Patrick Flanery portrayed him in the 1992 TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Steven Spielberg revealed in October that he still wants to make Indiana Jones 5, but it still isn't known when this may actually happen. Later that month, producer Frank Marshall said they have no intention of replacing Harrison Ford, although he did hint that there are "a bunch of people who could take the baton." When asked why he wants to make a new Indiana Jones movie, Steven Spielberg had this to say.

"Because there are more adventures out there than films. So as long as there's more adventures out there, I've got a bullwhip, a fedora, a leather jacket and a man on a horse who knows how to get the job done."

Disney acquired the Indiana Jones franchise rights back in December 2013, but the studio has been quite busy extending LucasFilm's other massive franchise, Star Wars. Harrison Ford himself revealed last month that he still wants to make Indiana Jones 5, but as far as we know, the studio doesn't have a writer on board at this time. Are you glad that Steven Spielberg doesn't plan on replacing Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5?