Steven Spielberg is entitled to his own opinion, but in this case he may be just plain wrong. The Ready Player One director is the subject of an upcoming HBO documentary set to be released in October where he reveals that Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom is his least favorite movie in the franchise. Those are bold words coming from the director that brought us the highly inferior Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. And some people are worried that he'll really blow it with Indiana Jones 5

Documentarian Susan Lacy interviewed Steven Spielberg for over 30 hours for her documentary simply entitled Spielberg and the iconic director revealed to her that Temple of Doom is his least favorite movie in the Indiana Jones franchise. Lacy told the Associated Press via the New York Daily News that "I can only guess that turning 70 is a turning point for many people." She also went on to say that Spielberg was not afraid to talk about his mistakes and flops during the candid interviews, specifically talking about some mistakes in his movie 1941. Lacy also revealed that they were initially only supposed to meet and interview 4 times, but they ended up meeting 17 times in total.

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Steven Spielberg saying that Temple of Doom, a movie that ended up introducing him to his future wife Kate Capshaw who starred as Willie Scott next to Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones character, is his least favorite is quite peculiar. Especially when you take into account that he really didn't want to do Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and had to be persuaded by Harrison Ford and George Lucas to do the movie. Whatever the case may be, we'll have to wait until October to get an explanation behind the director's claim.

Temple of Doom, though seen as inferior when compared to Raiders of the Lost Ark, is a fan favorite and arguably the second best movie in the franchise with The Last Crusade coming up right behind it. In the opinion of most, except Spielberg apparently, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull doesn't belong in the franchise at all for obvious reasons. Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom went on to a record-breaking $45.7 million at the time of its release, making it the highest opening for a movie in 1984. The movie gained mixed reviews upon release, but as time has passed the movie has been looked at in a more positive light.

Susan Lacy's Spielberg documentary will premiere on October 7th, 2017 and hopefully we'll get explanation behind the director's opinion. But at this time it's really hard to figure out why Temple of Doom is his least favorite at of all of the movies in the Indiana Jones franchise, though it got mixed reviews at the time of release, none of them were as bad as what The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull received. In closing, Kali Maa Shakti de, Kali Maaaaa Shakti de to you Mr. Spielberg. Even though you made the movies, you might be wrong about your opinion.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick