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Indy: There's been so much buzz online lately about the start of a new Indiana Jones adventure, and yet nothing has been officially confirmed or denied... Well, what I have is unofficial, but from a good source. A Dreamworks insider has given me the news that Steven Spileberg will be taking a year off after completing post-production on Catch Me If You Can.

Spielberg plans to spend the time with his wife and kids. The good news is that Indy is definitely on the fast track, and everyone from Lucas to Harrison Ford and Paramount Pictures are hot to make it very soon. So far, the rumor about all of Dr. Jones' women appearing is just that, rumor. However, I have it on good authority that Mrs. Spielberg (Kate Capshaw) may be gearing up to reprise her role as Willie from Temple of Doom.

Tomb Raider 2: She'll be back. Sequel mania isn't slowing down a bit. Just as studios are greenlighting a Spidey sequel and a XXX follow-up, word comes in that Angelina Jolie is beginning training for a sequel to the her hit film. Now. Will the script be better this time? Well, for starters, Simon West isn't writing it, so that's a good start. Dean Georgaris has done the latest draft. Georgaris is a hot commodity right now. He just sold Paycheck, which Brett "I do a lot of takes" Ratner will direct, and he's also got a project gearing up that will bring Mel Gibson and Richard Donner together again. Will the film be better this time? I guess that's a matter of opinion. The studio wants director Jan DeBont... Speed was a pretty cool flick, but he also brought us it's sequel as well as the much despised hit Twister. I didn't mind Tomb Raider, to be quite honest... It wasn't a great film, but it was a fun popcorn flick... What did you think?

Stallone: Just when you thought it was safe to go back to a cinema, Sly has signed onto another film. The Italian Stallion will star in Shade for first time writer/director Damien Nieman. Stallone joins Thandie Newton, Gabriel Byrne and Stewart Townsend in the film which centers on a group of cons who make their living by playing high stakes poker games in and around the L.A. club scene. They eventually take off a mafia guy and have to go on the run. Hm... Original.

And speaking of originality:

Ludacris: The popular rapper has pitched his way into a deal that will have him starring, exec. producing and providing music for Skip Day. Said to be a cross between House Party & Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the film will follow two young urban kids transplanted into an uppercrust school in Atlanta where they wreak havoc and decide to incite a Senior class skip day (hence the title)... All the while, they're being tracked by the school principle (wonder if they're calling him Rooney). From the descriptions, it seems as though Ludacris is a big Bueller fan. The story is virtually the same... Just a little more, ah, urban I guess.

Stepford Redux: Producer Scott Rudin is gearing up for a remake of The Stepford Wives. Frank Oz will helm the project. The original is worth seeing. Can't imagine a new version playing well, since the original was working from the whole "women's place is in the home" mold. The dreadful Disturbing Behavior was sort of a modern take on the same idea and well... if you saw it, you'll get what I'm saying here. Daily Variety placed this project in their "because they can" remake file.

Thanks to: Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and several sources who shall go unnamed.

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