Wakanda is in the house, according to Okoye actress Danai Gurira in the new Infinity War behind-the-scenes featurette. It was announced over the weekend that Entertainment Tonight would be debuting their exclusive first look at the highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and they did not disappoint. There's a lot going on in the world of Infinity War and fans are sure to be excited with the peek behind the curtain along with the heavy rumors of the second trailer dropping this week with an announcement of pre-sale tickets coming by the end of Friday.

The exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Russo Brothers' Infinity War was long overdue, like much of the promotional material that has been released for the epic movie thus far. Marvel fans have been looking to other movie promotional campaigns to compare to Infinity War, noting that Star Wars fans were treated to a behind-the-scenes featurette for The Last Jedi over the summer. However, those Marvel fans seem to forget that a lucky few of them were able to see the now mythical footage that was shown at the D23 Expo as well as San Diego Comic Con that featured some pretty intense action from Thanos.

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What seems to be clear about the marketing for Infinity War is that Marvel is blazing its own trail on this one. There's still a little over 6 weeks to go, so there's plenty of time to get the big rush, but they've kept a lid on nearly everything about the upcoming movie and they've done an admirable job of not shoving it down everybody's throats as of yet. Even though there's many hardcore Marvel fans who are willing to take whatever they can get at this point.

There are still those unconfirmed reports that the second trailer for Avengers 3 will drop this week for the fans who were not satisfied with the on-set interviews and peeks behind the green and blue screens that was released this evening. It's still unconfirmed, but it looks like the Infinity War presale tickets are heavily rumored to go on sale this Friday, so the second trailer is coming real soon. Again, Marvel Studios has yet to confirm any of these recent reports, so we'll take them with a grain of salt for now.

There we go. Finally some more footage from Infinity War that didn't spoil anything for anybody. Could it have been longer? Of course, but at this point in time, Marvel fans will take what they can get this week on a day to day basis. One thing that is evident throughout all of the recent teasing is that Thanos is a lot more of a threat than anyone could have ever imagined, so don't underestimate the Mad Titan. For those of you who missed the exclusive look at Infinity War from Entertainment Tonight, you can check out the whole thing below, courtesy of Marvel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick