It's been over a year since it was rumored that Peter Dinklage had joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and today we finally have confirmation. Marvel Studios released the long awaited final trailer for Infinity War this morning and fans are busy taking apart every frame from the 2-minute clip, compiled of nearly all new footage and dialogue. Marvel and Game of Thrones fans looking for Dinklage in the trailer aren't going to find him. Instead, you have to look at the brand-new poster that was released.

In addition to the new Infinity War trailer, Marvel Studios also announced that the pre-sale tickets were on sale now and shared a brand-new epic poster. The new promo poster shows off all of the heroes along with Josh Brolin's Thanos (no Black Order though) and at the bottom of the new imagery is the cast list. The cast list features all of the names that you'd expect it too, however, Peter Dinklage's name shows up right in the center.

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Peter Dinklage was rumored to be in Avengers 3 back in January of last year when he was spotted at an airport with reddish/orange hair while production was in full swing for the MCU project. Neither Marvel nor Dinklage confirmed the role, and it's still not clear just exactly who he will be playing in the movie, but we at least have confirmation that he'll officially appear. It will be interesting to see where he fits into the already huge cast. Some have speculated at a voice for a villain in Thanos' Black Order, but that doesn't explain the red hair.

We received our first real look at Thanos' Black Order this morning when the Infinity War trailer was released. We see them holding Loki captive while they look on at the Mad Titan putting the squeeze on Thor's head. Proxima Midnight is shown along with Black Dwarf, Corvus Glaive, and Ebony Maw. The Ebony Maw character is later seen in the trailer inflicting some torture upon Doctor Strange. Maw is played by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, which means that Peter Dinklage could be playing either Black Dwarf or Corvus Glaive, if that rumor stands to be true. This is pure speculation at this point.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige did say that the Black Order would have some familiar voice actors in Infinity War. Peter Dinklage is definitely somebody that we'd call familiar, so there could be some more evidence to back up the rumors. Previous rumors have linked in Star Wars actor Mark Hamill and Whoopi Goldberg along with Vin Diesel in another voice role, but those names seem a little far-fetched at this point in time. Plus, Mark Hamill would probably be hinting at some type of role. As for now, we just have to guess where Peter Dinklage will end up in Infinity War. You can check out the poster art below, courtesy of Marvel Studios.