In a movie theater in India, Peddapasupula Baasha was found dead by the theater's staff after seeing Avengers: Infinity War. While the exact causation of Baasha's death is still unknown, it is suspected his passing was due to a heart attack or some other form of cardiac arrest.

Without spoiling the end of the movie, the events of Avengers: Infinity War left a good number of Marvel fans emotionally rattled after the movie. Having to say goodbye to some of their favorite superheroes left a lot of fans in absolute shock, but the death of Baasha may have taken this up to another level.

This truly is a tragic loss, as the death of any real person is monstrously more tragic than any number of fictional deaths in a movie. Baasha was found dead after the movie ended, and it is unclear at what point during the movie he passed away. He was presumably alone while seeing Infinity War, and no one near him were able to identify at what point he passed away. Because of this, it is unclear whether or not his death was caused from happenstance and natural causes, or from the actual traumatic events of the movie.

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Peddapasupula Baasha, who was 43 at the time of his death, worked as a construction worker. He went to see Avengers: Infinity War at the Cinehub Multiplex theater in Proddatur, India, which was going through its May Day celebrations at the time. This was a popular day for many people in the area to attend a movie, as the theater was hosting special events to celebrate the holiday.

The theater staff who found Baasha's body initially thought that he was waiting for the post-credits scene, unaware that Baasha was deceased. Though he was not moving, the staff thought nothing of it. Even after the post-credits scene, Baasha did not move, which was cause for concern from the theater staff. It wasn't until they removed his 3D glasses that they realized he had passed away.

Fortunately, no one else in the theater noticed Baasha's heart attack, which leads most people to the conclusion that his death was peaceful. There was no screaming or massive amounts of movement. While it is still tragic, it is good to know that that he was presumably at peace upon the time of his death.

Though he left this world alone, it was still not the worst way to go, assuming that he was actually a fan of the movie. Avengers: Infinity War was arguably the most anticipated movie of the year, so one can hope or assume that Baasha himself was anticipating the release of this movie. It's good to know that his passing at least occurred while seeing a great movie rather than at a time that could have been less enjoyable.

This report from the Times of India is a truly tragic story, which may make the experience of seeing Avengers: Infinity War a little more remorseful for audiences. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and family of Peddapasupula Baasha. May he rest in peace.