The Predator director Shane Black is no stranger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having directed 2013's Iron Man 3. While speaking at San Diego Comic-Con, Black took a second to throw some shade at Avengers: Infinity War and Thanos' abilities as a villain. Shane Black is in San Diego to promote his upcoming The Predator and he appeared with the cast at Hall H this morning to show off some new footage and a hilarious sizzle reel that had the cast thinking about other battles that a Predator could win. Could Thanos get beaten down by a Predator?

While speaking to the packed crowd in Hall H at Comic-Con, Shane Black took a second away from promoting The Predator to take a shot at Infinity War, which is the most successful film of the year to be released this far. It seems that Black had some issues about the power of Thanos and how easily the young Spider-Man was able to get in some pretty decent shots on a dude that easily took down the Hulk with less Infinity Stones. It's a fair argument. Black had this to say.

"One moment there's a train coming at him he can turn it into a flock of birds. The next minute Spider-Man is coming at him and he's like, Oh, my eyes! It's got webbing! I loved the movie, it's just, the kid had to do something, so..."

In fairness to Spider-Man, he did have the help of Doctor Strange when he was able to slightly get the upper hand on the Mad Titan. But, there are plenty of MCU fans that would agree with Shane Black's stance on the uneven fight. We probably wouldn't even still be talking about it had Star-Lord not blown the whole operation. Regardless, Infinity War is the biggest movie of the year without any real signs of competition, so the Russo Brothers and Spider-Man are having the last laugh.

Shane Black was just having some fun with Infinity War and Josh Brolin's Thanos. But that brings up the real question, which is who would win between the Mad Titan and a Predator? Though we have yet to see the Upgrade Predator in total action yet, it's safe to say that it might have a chance to bring down Thanos pretty easily. He could rip off his giant purple head, spine and all. But if it's just a normal Predator, there's probably no chance of survival against Thanos.

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Everybody is entitled to their opinions, but Shane Black's Iron Man 3 wasn't exactly everybody's favorite MCU movie. In fact, many hardcore fans really dislike it. However, like Infinity War, it made over $1 billion at the box office, so Black gets to laugh about all of it just like the Russo Brothers and poor Spider-Man, may he rest in peace. Black's The Predator opens in theaters on September 14th, which is just a few months away. This report originated from Comic Book.

Kevin Burwick