The Russo Brothers have just teased the release of the new Infinity War trailer, which has sent fans into meltdown mode. The directors touted the first trailer in the same manner, but with a countdown, which is not the case this time around. Instead, they seem to be trolling fans with a screenshot of a popular phrase that has taken over social media that simply reads, "Give Trailer Infinity." It's affirming to many hardcore Marvel fans who now know that the Russo Brothers have been well aware of their pleading for new Infinity War footage.

The thirst for the second trailer of Infinity War has grown exponentially over the last few weeks when Marvel Studios announced that the movie was getting bumped up a week to come out on April 27th, all over the world. Many speculated that the new trailer would arrive the same week that the new release date was announced, but that day came and went. So, what does this new trailer tease mean? For one, it means that the new trailer for Infinity War is likely to premiere very soon.

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Now that the "Give Trailer Infinity" movement has been recognized by the Russo Brothers, the trailer should arrive any time now, especially since we've gotten to see some behind-the-scenes footage this week along with a huge magazine spread last week as well. One thing is for sure and that is Marvel Studios is great at dropping surprises for their fans, leaving them guessing and sending some of the more hardcore fans into bouts of rage because they can't handle the stress.

It is rumored that the pre-sale tickets for regular and IMAX screenings of Infinity War are supposed to go on sale this coming Friday, which means that the trailer would more than likely show up with the pre-sale announcement. However, nothing has been officially confirmed by Marvel and the rumors are all based off of screenshot from an anonymous source from Reddit, so we'll take that report with a grain of salt. Though many expect Friday to be the day, Monday seems like the most logical time to release new footage and announce pre-sale dates to give news time to sink in and spread before the weekend. At this point, nobody knows except for Marvel Studios. It is confirmed that AMC Theaters is holding an epic 31-hour MCU movie marathon the week of the movie's release.

Now that the Russo Brothers have started their tease for the Infinity War trailer, it's only a matter of time before it premieres, and fans won't have to wait too much longer. But, a quick scroll through social media proves that Marvel fans are already starting to lose their minds over the clever trolling job from the directors. Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th, which is less than 6 weeks away, so new footage isn't really even necessary at this point, but it's coming sooner, rather than later. You can check out the clever trolling announcement for the Infinity War trailer below, courtesy of the Russo Brothers Instagram page.