So just what does the post-credit scene for Avengers: Infinity War mean? Some people say that it's self-explanatory. Others think that it is just another way for Marvel to rake in more untold amounts of money by continuing to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only thing that anybody has consensus on is that what Thanos (Josh Brolin) has done at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, namely wiping out of half the world's population, has had grave consequences for not only The Avengers but the future of the franchise. Let's get into what the post-credit scene fully entails.

Nick Fury and Maria Hill are cruising down the street in an SUV. Suddenly, a car comes out in front of them. Naturally, they try and make sure that the passengers in the careening car are not in bad shape. Fury and Maria are surprised to see that nobody is driving the car. Suddenly, in a moment reminiscent of 9/11, a helicopter slams into a building. At that Moment Maria starts to disintegrate. Other people around Nick Fury begin to disappear as well. (This is something that we have previously scene within Avengers: Infinity War proper.)

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Nick pulls a device from the car. He doesn't have time to access it. Why? Because he turns into ash. Suddenly we see that it is a phone-like device. It shows that it is sending something. All seems to be lost. Has Thanos truly destroyed half of humanity the way he talked about in the movie? Has his plan to preserve the resources of the universe come to pass? Suddenly, on the phone-like apparatus we see the Captain Marvel logo.

So, it appears that the end-credits sequence is two-fold. Not only does it take us into The Avengers 4, it also sets up the Captain Marvel movie. Either way, it seems that Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is going to have a big hand in bringing the battle to Thanos. As Marvel had hoped, this has set-up a firestorm on the internet. There are the questions? How can Nick Fury possibly communicate with Captain Marvel? Isn't Fury a huge part of the Captain Marvel movie? How can he disappear? How will The Avengers that are still around come together to battle Thanos? Now that Thanos has the Infinity Stones how will he be defeated? Just who is left for him to battle?

At the very least the end-credits sequence showed us a hopeful resolution for The Avengers. It gave us an idea of how Thanos might be battled in The Avengers 4. It also showed us that Thanos' reach met his grasp. The ending of Avengers: Infinity War was groundbreaking in many respects. However, it raised a lot of the questions. The sequence did as well. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a very good job of establishing all of these characters and storylines. In a lot of respects it seems to have written itself into a corner.

However, the scene did a solid job of showing the possible direction that The Avengers 4 is going to move in. And if it does go that way, and it can pull what seem like all the disparate parts together, there is a very good chance that when Marvel Studios unleashes The Avengers 4, it will be even more groundbreaking than Avengers: Infinity War.