The hype for more footage from Infinity War has reached fever pitch, especially after the announcement that the release date has been bumped up one whole week and after a huge magazine spread with interviews that was released last week. Now, Entertainment Tonight has revealed that they will be airing an exclusive look at the highly anticipated Infinity War on Monday, March 12th. Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers have done a remarkable job at keeping any footage from leaking out, but it's almost time for the main event, so anticipation is high for a new trailer.

Entertainment Tonight announced through social media that they will be airing their exclusive look at Infinity War with a short clip that features some behind-the-scenes action in Wakanda along with some interviews from the set with the cast. While the release of a second Infinity War trailer is imminent, tomorrow night's exclusive look will more than likely be a behind-the-scenes featurette with interviews from the cast, since that's exactly what was teased. However, that doesn't make the announcement any less exciting for hardcore Marvel fans who will take whatever they can get at this point.

It's been a pretty intense Infinity War-filled week with Entertainment Weekly's massive article on the movie. A lengthy interview with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige touched on the topic of Black Panther 2 all the way to the death count for Infinity War and everything in between. As far as the death toll is concerned, Feige has put a warning to fans to be "careful what they wish for" when it comes to the deaths of some of the mightiest heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Josh Brolin was also interviewed for the Entertainment Weekly story where he talked about the mind of Thanos. Brolin promises that we'll get some of the backstory of Thanos and his early life on Titan, where he was bullied and picked on before the planet was destroyed. Some of the Mad Titan's motivations are revealed as well as just how smart he really is, which Brolin says is the way that most underestimate the character. The actor even went as far as to call Thanos the smartest character in the entire movie.

Entertainment Tonight airs at 7:30 PM Pacific Time and runs for only 22 minutes, so Marvel fans won't have to wait too long to finally see some new footage from Infinity War. As previously noted, it looks like the exclusive look will be a behind-the-scenes featurette, and not the second trailer that fans keep waiting to see. A movie as massive as Infinity War really does not have to even put out another trailer, especially since the movie is now less than 2 months away from hitting theaters. But, we still haven't gotten our pre-sale ticket announcement either, which seems like the most logical place to announce a new trailer as well. For now, fans can check out the Entertainment Tonight's exclusive look at Infinity War on Monday night, which is teased in the clip.

Kevin Burwick