A new German comics and collectibles magazine shows off some of Thanos' Black Order from Infinity War while paying tribute to the cover of Infinity Gauntlet Number 1. While Nebula and Gamora are related to Thanos, they are adopted and not blood related like the Black Order is. They are Thanos' elite squad, the most vicious and effective of his team, who are about to take on the Avengers in the epic Infinity War and will help to leave some casualties behind when all is said and done.

The new art from Infinity War offers up our best look yet at Proxima Midnight and Ebony Maw of the Mad Titan's Black Order standing side by side next to Thanos. The Infinity Gauntlet is on full display with some of the stones already in place. The new art looks similar to the Comic-Con Infinity War posters that we saw last summer and doesn't feature all of the heroes on the cover of the magazine. Vision is cut in half, leading one to believe that the cover may fold out to showcase the rest of the team.

The Black Order are 5 brutal warriors who help Thanos invade Earth in the comic series. The Marvel Cinematic Universe reveals them to be in the bloodline of Thanos, which should give you a good indication of just how powerful this elite team of 5 is. Before now, we've seen brief teases of the Black Order in the first trailer for Infinity War along with the statues that were shown off at the D23 Expo over the summer. But this new magazine cover is our best look yet at the villains who will be helping the Mad Titan collect the Infinity Stones.

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Black Dwarf, who might have been renamed Cull Obsidian for Infinity War, is shown towards the top of the magazine, but he his cut off. Ebony Maw, on the other hand, is front and center along with Thanos and Proxima Midnight. Ebony Maw uses intense psychic powers to get what he needs from his victims. Fans have already noticed that he looks really close to the way that he does in the comic series, which is definitely a good thing since he looks so menacing .

Proxima Midnight is deadly accurate with her spear and unlike Ebony Maw, she seems to have been given a makeover for the Infinity War movie. Instead of a helmet with horns, it appears as if those horns are a part of her head in the new design. Marvel fans were recently treated to a new TV spot for Infinity War that mostly focused on the heroes this time around as opposed to the Black Order. Thanos only briefly appears right at the end of the 30-second spot. You can check out the new image of Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, and a part of Black Dwarf below, thanks to Jordan Evans' Twitter account.

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