A new clip from Avengers: Infinity War has arrived, which shows Shuri schooling Bruce Banner in the ways of futuristic tech while saving Vision's life. Shuri actress Letitia Wright also revealed that she is the new tech genius in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, declaring in a recent interview that she's even more "tech savvy" than Tony Stark. To Marvel fans who saw Black Panther, this should come as no surprise. However, fans have been wondering how Stark and Shuri will interact on the big screen together. Will it be an ego contest, or will it end with Stark being wowed by the Wakandan Vibranium and Shuri's next-level creations?

In a recently released clip from Infinity War, Shuri can be seen running some scans on Vision while asking Bruce Banner some questions. Banner is clearly impressed by her intellect, even as she takes him down a peg or two. In a new interview, Letitia Wright revealed that Shuri is the new tech wiz in the MCU, but she still has a lot of respect for Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. She explains.

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"Shuri, c'mon. She's young. Without a doubt. You know, Iron Man is like the OG of the Marvel universe. He's the Godfather. Shuri respects him, but I feel like she has ideas that she can pitch to him and make his tech a little bit better. But watch the film, see what happens."

While Letitia Wright was careful not to give anything away, it's clear that Tony Stark and Shuri will meet up in Infinity War. However, it's not clear how Stark will respond to the immense technological advantages that Wakanda and Shuri have to offer. As for giving us some more details about how the two tech wizards interact, Wright gets even more tight-lipped, declaring that people are just going to have to see the movie. She had this to say.

"It's so top secret. It's the most secretive project I've ever been on. To the point where anything I do know, I don't even wanna tell it."

The secrecy surrounding Infinity War becomes more and more impressive as the release date nears. There have been small little spoilers revealed, but nothing that has ruined the movie for Marvel fans or even come close to revealing the intimate details of the storyline. There are superheroes who will not live through the battle with Thanos, which is huge, and we still don't know who or how any of this will go down.

Infinity War will premiere next week and it will be the first time that the actors have seen the movie in its entirety. Fans have just a few short days to go before the mighty battle with Thanos is played out on the big screen, forever changing the Marvel Cinematic Universe and igniting the next phase. It's an exciting time to be a Marvel fan and it seems that the real fun hasn't even come close to starting yet. You can check out the interview with Letitia Wright as well as some new footage from Infinity War below, thanks to the Good Morning America Twitter account.