Some brand new promo art for Infinity War has made its way online, and it's some of the best we've seen yet. Two pieces of art for the highly-anticipated Marvel Studios release are currently making the rounds online. One is a piece of art for a puzzle that actually makes for a pretty incredible poster and the other gives us a new look at Proxima Midnight, a member of Thanos' Black Order, who have remained rather mysterious up to this point. So anything that gives us even a glimpse of a Black Order member is noteworthy.

Starting with the puzzle art, this first showed up on a Japanese website called Rakuten. The image is promoting an Avengers: Infinity War puzzle that is being released as a bit of merchandise to go along with the movie's release. The image used to promote the puzzle actually serves as an excellent promo poster for the movie, featuring the Mad Titan in the background on the left, and The Avengers assembled together on the right. We get a great look at blonde Black Widow, bearded Captain America and the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting alongside Earth's mightiest heroes. If Marvel were to release this as an official poster tomorrow, nobody would be complaining.

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Next up we have a slightly less flashy, but no arguably more important Avengers: Infinity War image. The art surfaced on Reddit and reportedly comes from a bit of packaging for an upcoming action figure. The image provides us with a look at the Nomad version of Steve Rogers, Spider-Man and a tiny bit of Iron Man, but the most important bit of the image is a full look at Proxima Midnight in all of her glory.

The Black Order is a team of five very powerful warriors who help Thanos on his conquest. The team was introduced in the Infinity event series in the world of Marvel Comics in 2013. They're set to be introduced in the MCU in Avengers: Infinity War, but we've only seen faint glimpses at the various members of the team thus far. This is arguably the best look we've had at Proxima Midnight, but there's still a lot of curiosity surrounding how the characters will look on screen and how they're going to be portrayed. Are they going to be reluctantly tied to Thanos like Nebula and Gamora? Or are they going to be more willing participants in his mad quest to balance the universe?

Avengers: Infinity War is one of the most anticipated movies of 2018 and Marvel isn't giving away any more than they have to until the movie arrives in theaters. So anything fans can get their hands on, like these new promo images, counts for a lot. Avengers: Infinity War is set to arrive in theaters on May 4. Be sure to check out the new promo image featuring Proxima Midnight, as well as the promo poster, which first surfaced on Rakuten, for yourself below.