Marvel's Infinity War Prelude comic offers some insight into what the characters have been up to before Avengers 3 hits theaters in May. Unlike previous Prelude comics, the new 2-part set for Infinity War serves as a prequel for the epic movie while giving some clues into what we might see on the big screen in a few months. Hardcore fans looking to get some heavy spoilers about Thanos or anything similar, should look elsewhere. But, for those looking into a spoiler-free setup of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's biggest movie to date, you should definitely pick up the first comic, which was just released.

The Infinity War comic serves as a prequel and spends quite a bit of time in Wakanda with T'Challa's sister Shuri trying to repair The Winter Soldier's mind after Hydra setup influence. She is setting up a digital reproduction of Bucky's brain in an effort to reverse the damage that has been inflicted, which is something that fans have been wondering. Shuri is trying a bunch of different processes to get it right, which could very well be setting her up as the next Tony Stark, but even more brilliant.

Another interesting bit of information regarding Winter Soldier and Captain America revolves around when they actually took off to go to Wakanda. Many fans assumed that they went straight to Wakanda after the events of Civil War, but the Infinity War prequel comic states that they waited a few weeks before setting off, while not revealing exactly what they were doing during that time. Black Panther is said to take place when T'Challa returns to Wakanda, which has led to some speculation that Steve Rogers and Bucky don't show up to Wakanda until after the events of Black Panther.

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Elsewhere, we are given our first official look at Iron Man's new Model 51 Armor and it looks pretty awesome, but only gives hints of the super suit's capabilities. The suit was developed in 2015 and is said to be the "Swiss army knife" of suits. It allows Tony Stark to morph into any of his old suits in an instant, using his nanotechnology. That's pretty impressive, but Shuri is back on Wakanda saving Winter Soldier's mind while also trying to advance the artificial intelligence of the African nation.

Perhaps most intriguing is that this prelude comic reveals Hawkeye is now retired, before the events seen Infinity War. He has left the Avengers to go back and spend time with his family, a decision Steve Rogers fully understands and supports. Many believe that Hawkeye's family will be killed in either Avengers 3 or Avengers 4, which pulls him out of retirement and back not the fight.

Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War prequel comic book is now on newsstands with the second and final installment up for preorder. The book is a quick read and gives some great insight into Infinity War as well as Black Panther and the next issue has Thanos on the cover, flaunting the Infinity Gauntlet, leading to some speculation that we might get to see what the Mad Titan has been up to right before Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War. You can check out the Infinity War prequel comic and purchase it via ComicStore.

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