It was announced earlier today that Marvel Canada was planning a sneak peek at Infinity War during The Launch and though it happened, there was no new footage. It was first believed that Marvel was waiting for Super Bowl 2018 to show off any new footage for the most anticipated movie of the year, but the Canadian division of Marvel apparently felt differently, making some footage available this evening that was just a condensed version of the trailer that was released in October and Marvel fans are not very happy. We still haven't seen the epic scene where Thanos grabs a moon from its orbit and uses it against the Avengers as a weapon, which makes the "new sneak peek" quite the letdown for fans that were waiting all day for the exclusive look. Oh, well, there's always the Super Bowl.

Marvel Canada originally tweeted about the sneak peek showing up during The Launch this evening, but the tweet was later deleted from their Twitter account as well as their Facebook page, leading to some mystery surrounding what we were going to see from Infinity War, if anything at all. However, the footage arrived during a commercial break during The Launch and then was uploaded to social media. At this point, there's nothing that Marvel can do to stop this hype train that they've created. Though, not showing any new footage at all and showing a condensed version of the original Infinity War trailer is one way to make some angry fans. It's now evident why the tweet was deleted from Twitter and Facebook.

Several fans have taken to social media to express their outrage over Marvel not delivering anything new from the movie. Many feel that they have been bamboozled and the pretty conservative Tom Holland Fans Twitter account kind of got really angry, using words that aren't fit to print in this article. However, you can check out a collection of the angry tweets below, but you have been warned, there is some pretty salty language contained within those fiery Twitter blasts.

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While many Marvel fans are let down that they didn't get to see anything new from Infinity War, the majority of fans seems legitimately let down. There are fans from all over the world who sat at the computer hitting refresh even though it was 2 AM or later. One guy even has wet socks for some reason and more than one person has started listening to the Avengers theme song while getting madly intoxicated. Hopefully the Super Bowl can make up for this debacle.

There we have it, the same footage from the Infinity War trailer was shown on Canadian television, leaving many angry Marvel fans in its wake. This new failed sneak peek paired with the new Avengers prelude comic number 1 was supposed be enough to tide the fans over until May 4th. Whatever the case may be, the wait is nearly over, so we can all hang in there a few more months. In the meantime, you can check out the newly released official, condensed trailer for Infinity War below, thanks to The Static Shift. You can also check out some of the angry tweets compiled below.

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