A lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans went to go see Infinity War more than once, but a man who calls himself Nem: The Infinity Watcher has seen the movie over 40 times now. Nem has seen the epic superhero movie 44 times as of this writing and has no intentions of slowing down, documenting every one of his trips to the theater on social media. Naturally, Nem's fandom has picked up steam and he has since gone viral, catching the attention of the Russo Brothers and they have reached out to invite the super fan to the Avengers 4 world premiere.

This is a bit absurd, but it's also pretty awesome. Nem: The Infinity Watcher has even watched Infinity War twice in one day, in case you were wondering. For those skeptics out there, Nem posts pictures and sometimes videos of himself at the theater and his receipts, which have more than likely gone up to an astronomical amount of money unless he has Movie Pass or some other movie subscription service.

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Nem posted a video about his journey so far and was in his usual attire of Marvel t-shirt. So far, he is amazed that his Infinity War marathon has caught on and is getting picked up by the news and getting so much attention. If that wasn't enough, IMAX also got in on the fun and hooked him up with a ton of free movie passes. Nem had this to say.

"Listen, the last 12 hours have been a whirlwind of amazingness. People started to catch on that I was watching this movie a whole bunch of times. A lot of news articles was written about me, I was trending on Twitter for a little bit there, IMAX got word of me and offered 50 free tickets to keep the streak going."

Nem also talked about how the Russo Brothers invite to see the Avengers 4 world premiere came about as well. As it turns out, the directing duo caught wind of his streak and then started following him on Twitter. To celebrate, Nem says he's going to keep the streak going for as long as he can. He explains.

"On top of all that, the Russo Brothers themselves, the directors of the film, followed me on Twitter and told me up in the DMs that I have a free ticket to the Avengers 4 premiere next year. Okay, listen, I only got eight lives left. I lost one life last night when I heard the news. Okay, so listen, how we gonna celebrate? You know what we do. We back at the movie theater. AMC. Hitting it up for the 44th time. Listen, guys, thank you for coming with me on this journey. We're gonna hit that magic number. Stay blessed people. Keep smiling."

Nem: The Infinity Watcher isn't just an MCU obsessed fan. He's from Charlotte and he creates music independently, taking breaks in his Infinity War streak only to go film a music video for a few days. As of this writing, there's no telling if Nem will attempt to the same feat with Avengers 4, but one thing is for certain: he'll definitely have a leg up on the competition for anybody that tries to go toe-to-toe with him next year. You can check out some of the tweets below, thanks to Nem the Infinity Watcher's Twitter account.